I was born with an innate love (or passion) for photography. Dramatic yes, but undeniably true. The moment, the medium, the technical and the tangible emotion have beckoned me ever since I can remember.

For me, photography is more than just capturing memories; it is about preserving the essence of life. It is about giving back time, returning what easily escapes our grasp, our recollection and savoring the precious seconds we have.

Photography has turned my passion into a career path -- and there's no rewinding from here on out. The shutter's been pushed. And just as I've develop film, I've also developed a profound vision.

My photographic services are targeted towards individuals wanting to capture life at its most genuine moments; the moments that truly define the aesthetic they're searching for.

Aside from advertising, commercial and corporate projects, the bond of marriage is an experience I'm immediately drawn towards. The connection shared between two people willing to commit to a lifetime makes for some of the most intimate of moments and inspiring of challenges. How do I capture something so sacred and make it authentic, without losing any context to whom the bride and the groom are as a couple? It's an experience that becomes an accomplishment, a challenge beyond technicality and more about representing meaning.

The quality of my work is an extension of myself. If issues arise, not one photo is compromised no what matter what may pose a complication. I only deliver what I know will bring a plethora of smiles and tears (the happy kind). The final delivery of my photographs is promptly met within time frames established before each production and are returned with efficiency and an expertise means of editing. Also, my projects are delivered in a desktop and mobile friendly workflow to make sure your access to the project is always guaranteed.

Making you happy makes me happy. Each photograph needs to be a source of happiness for the client, something they will cherish forever. I never negotiate quality. Expect the best because I expect it from myself, first and foremost. Over the past few years I've gained the experience of working with several reputable brands. Our collaborations have resulted in positive and lucrative outcomes.

I look forward to working with you.